Precuts - Items tagged as "Kaufman"


Quilting precuts are bundles of fabric cut into standard shapes and sizes. Each precut fabric bundle features coordinating fabrics from a designer's collection.

Charm Packs - 5 inch stacker

Layer Cake - 10 Inch Stacker

Jelly Rolls - 2.5 inch strips


View all 0625716 10872 10_Inch_Layer_Cake 10_Inch_Squares 10_Inch_Stacker 10_x_10 10_x_10_inches 14900LC 16_strips 18201_PP 18201AB 1920_vintage_fabric 20780 20_skus 25100 25_squares 27311 27934-J 29110 2_projects 3 Sisters 3 yard kit 3 yard quilt kit 30650pp 33550 36_by_44 40_strips 42_squares 44270JR 44270PP 48626 49130 4_included 4th_of_July 4th_of_july_fabric 5780-13_Sand 5_inch_strips 5_x_5 5_x_5_inches 6250M 6251M 71 inches 8460PP 9670AB Abalone_Bohemian abstarct Adrian_Chesterman all_colors american American Jane American_Gathering Andover_Fabric animal animals Ann_Lauer Art_Deco_Fabric Artwork Artworks_By_QT Artworks_XVII Autumn_Grunge baby Baby_Quilt barn BasicGrey batiks Bay Bayan_Batiks Beach Benartex_Fabric Benartex_Fabrics berries big barn Bill_Kerr bird birds Black Black_and_White Blankets blender Blender_Fabric blue Blue_Jacket Blue_lines Blue_Polka_Dot Bonnie_and_Camille Bordeaux_Collection Boudior Branded_By_Moda Branded_Collection Break_of_Day Brenda Riddle Designs Bright bright colors Bright_Color_Fabric Bright_Colors Brown Buffalo_Plaid bundle Burgandies Cabin Cabin_decor Carolina Lilies Cat_i_tude Charm Charm Pack charm_pack Check_Plaid Chickens children Children's Fabric Childrens_Fabric Christian Christine_Andersen Christmas Christmas Fabric christmas faith Christmas farm Christmas_Fabric Christmas_Quilt Christopher Wilson Cindy Sepp cival_war classic Clothworks clouds Coco_Chico Coco_Chico_Fabric color colorful Colorful_Fabric Colorful_fat_quarter Compass Contemp_Fabric Contempo_Studio contemporary Cool_Change_Grunge Corey_Yoder cotton Country_Fabric Countryside_Fabric cows Create_Joy_Project Crismon Crystal Manning cute fabric Dan Morris Dark Deb_Strain Debbie_Zimmerman design roll Designer Roll dessert_roll Digital Digital_Fabric Digital_Panel Digital_Pring_Fabric Digital_Print Digital_Print_Fabric Dog_Fabric Dog_on_it Dog_On_It_Panel Dog_Themed_Fabric Dog_Walk_Strip Dominoes Down_on_the_Farm ducklings Easter Easter bunny Eaton_Place Eclectic_Fabric Elegant_Fabric Emperor fabric fabric by the yard fabric for quilting Fabric_for_sewing Fabric_Precuts Fabric_with_Barn Fabric_with_Chickens Fabric_with_cows Fabric_with_flag Fabric_with_flowers Fabric_with_Frogs Fabric_with_Stars Fabric_with_Texture faith Fans farm farm life Farm_Animal_Panel Farm_Animal_Quilt Farm_Animals Farm_Fabric Farm_Fabrics Farm_Life Farm_Life_Fabric Farm_Panel Farm_quilting_Fabric Farmhouse Farmhouse_Decor Farmhouse_Fabric fat quarter Fat Quarter Bundle Fat_Quarter fat_quarter_bundle Fat_quarters FB2FQGP Felicity FFA FFA_Blanket FFA_Fabric FFA_Forever_Blue FFA_Main_Blue FFA_Quilt FFA_Quilt_Fabric FFA_Quilt_Kit Five_inch_square flag Flag_Fabric Flannel Floral floral designs Floral_Fabric Floral_Fat_Quarter Florals Flower_fabric flowers Flowers_by_Freya Forever_Blue Free Spirit Free_Spirit FreeSpirit Frog_Fabric Frog_Patches Frogs funny bunny Fusion Future_Farmers geometical Gingham Gingiber Glorious_Autumn gold Grapefruit_Buds green Grey Grizzly_Gulch Grunge_Basics Grunge_Fat_Quarter Grunge_Jr_Jelly_Roll Grunge_Yuletide Harbor_Springs Hearts Hoffman_Digital Hoffman_Fabric Hoffman_Fabrics Hoffman_Simple Hoffman_Taffy holiday Holiday Fabric Holiday_Fabric Holly_Taylor Home_Sweet_Holiday Hope Blooms horse Hot_Diggity Houndstooth It's Elementary Jackie_MacDonald Jelly Roll Jelly_roll Jen_Kingwell Jim_Zuckerman Jungle Kaffe Kaffe Emperor Kaffe Equator Kaffe Fassett Kaffe Fassett Collective Kaffe Fassett Parakeet Kaffe FreeSpirit Kaffe Ocean kaffe prism Kansas Troubles Quilters Kaufman kit kits kits_for_beginners Ladies_Legacy lap_quilt Laura_Muir Layer Cake Layer_cake Lightweight_Fabric Lilies Linzee_Kull_McCray Lizards Lodge_Fabric Low_Volume_Woven Luxurious Marble_Fabric Mardi_Gras Masculine_Fabric merry Metallic Metallic_Fabric Minick_and_Simpson Moda Moda Fabric Moda Fabrics Moda Speckled Moda_Autumn Moda_Basic Moda_Basics Moda_Basics_Gris Moda_Blender Moda_Break_of_Day Moda_Charm_Pack Moda_Cool_Change Moda_Fabric Moda_Fabrics Moda_Fat_Quarter Moda_Grunge Moda_Jelly_Roll Moda_Layer_Cake Moda_Patriotic Moda_precut Moda_Precuts Moda_Roselyn Moda_Silver_Lining Moda_Silver_Linings Modern_Fabric Modern_Quilt_Studio Modern_Western Moonshadow Mothers_Day multi color multi colors Napa_Valley_Fabric Nativity Nautical Nautical_Fabric Navy neutral colors Neutral_Fabric Neutral_Palette Neutrals New_Colors night No_Weeds_Here Nocturnal Ocean Old_Glory Old_Glory_Fabric Old_Glory_Grunge ombre Paisley Paisley_Print panel paper_and_cloth pastel pastels Patriotic Patriotic_Fabric Patriotic_Grunge Patriotic_Print pattern Patti_Carey Pig_Fabric Pig_Quilt Pin_Stripe_Fabric Pink Pink_Fabric Plaid Planet Playful Fabric Poinsettia Polka_Dot_FQ Polka_Dots prairie days prayer Precut precuts Premium Cotton premium fabric primitive gatherings Primitive_Gathering Prism Purple Purple_Grunge Purple_Polka_Dot QT QT Fabric QT Fabrics QT Fusion QT_Fabric QT_Fabrics quick corners kit Quillt_Precuts Quilt Quilt Fabric quilt kit Quilt Panel Quilt Precut quilt precuts Quilt_Charm Quilt_Charm_Pack Quilt_Fabric Quilt_Fat_Quarter Quilt_Jr_Jelly_Roll Quilt_Kit Quilt_Panel Quilt_Precut Quilt_Precuts Quilt_Project Quilting Quilting Fabric quilting kit Quilting Precut Quilting precuts Quilting_Fabric Quilting_Fabrics Quilting_Fat_Quarter Quilting_Precut Quilting_Precuts rainbow colors Ranch_Fabric Red Red and green red truck Red_and_White_Fabric Red_Blue_Fabric Red_White_and_Blue Regency Somerset Blues Rich_colors Rickrack riley blake Riley_Blake Riley_Blake_Designs Robert_Kaufman Robin Pickens Robin_Pickens Rooster rose terrace Roseberry_Cottage Roseberry_Fabric Roseberry_Teal Roselyn_Fat_Quarter Royal purple Ruby Ruby Star Rustic_Fabric s4784-185 santa Seaside Serene_Fabric Sewing Sewing_Precuts sheep ship Ships silver Silver_Lining_Grunge Silver_Linings Sister bay Ski_Fabrc Ski_Lodge Small_Polka_Dots Soft Sophie Speckled Speckled Jelly Roll spring spring color Spring_Brook Stacy_lest_Hu Star_Fabric stars Stars_and_Stripes Stitch_Pink Stitch_Pink_Grunge Stone Story Time strip Striped_Fabric strips Studio_M Sunday_Stroll Sunshine_Soul Sweetfire_Road Sweetwater_Fabrics table runner table_runner tan tara reed ten_inch_square Thatched Tim_Bowers Tim_Holtz tiny flowers Tossed_Animals Tube_Sock_Quilt turquoise Tuscany_Fabric United_Notions Urban_Farmhouse_II v_and_company Valentine Valentine_Fabric variations vibrant vibrant_colors Vibrant_Fabric Vineyard Vineyard_Fabric Vino_Bordeaux Vino_By_Northcott Vino_Fabric vintage Vintage_Collection Vintage_inspired Vintage_Sign Vintage_Trucks vivid Wall_hanging warm color Warp_and_Weft washable Weeks_Ringle Western whisper white Wilson-Tate Wine_Fabric Winter_Fabric Winter_Lodge Winter_Playland World_Map Woven yarn_dyed_fabric Zany_Zasu