Branded 54" Branded Canvas Star Khaki By Sweetwater

Genesis Quilting


Branded 54 inch wide Star Khaki Canvas By Sweetwater

Designer Sweetwater’s description of Branded:

Remember a long time ago when we asked you for the ranch/farm names? It does seem like a very long time ago, but today is the day you get to see what that was for. We are debuting our next line if fabric! It’s called “Branded” and it may be my most favorite ever.

I describe “Branded” as rich and gritty and masculine and with a touch of western. But not too “western”. More of a “Sweetwater western.” Meaning, even if you don’t like western, there are so many pieces that can work for you as well.

When I say “gritty”, this is what I mean. Black and rich taupe color with lots of texture.

Over a yard will come as a continuous piece.